What We Do, How We Help

Screen Printing

Screen printing is in our DNA. For over 20 years EC Designs & Print has been a fixture on the Toronto apparel scene, providing top quality products and service, supporting some of world's iconic brands Let us know we can help.


Like screen printing, embroidery offers you a great, effective way of expressing your message and your brand.
Whether its T shirts, golf clothing, team wear, fleece, sweats, hats, towels, be sure to consider EC Designs to provide you with quality, cost effective embroidery solutions.

Heat Transfer, Laser, Engrave/Emboss

More proven ways to extend and support your business' visual communication. Heat transfers offer a great alternative to screen printed decoration for smaller, multi-colour jobs.

We also provide unique laser decoration techniques aimed at providing a series of finished looks. Whether you are seek highly visible decoration, or a more subtle, understated effect, we are ready to make it work for you.

Event, Trade Show, Charity Support

Events happen! Your organization manages, organizes or participates in events for many different reasons. It can be a company offsite, picnic/rally, anniversary, branch opening, conference, golf tournament, rec hockey league sponsorship or even a family reunion, we are happy to help make your event more meaningful and impactful.

Trade shows are specifically designed to extend your message, brand and offerings. We understand the importance trade shows can play in your efforts to drive business, we have assisted many partners (trade show exhibitors, producers, promoters, organizers) with ensuring their trade show collateral produce the visibility and impact desired.

We are proud to work with our customers in supporting their charitable partners. Further, direct charitable support is especially important to us. With a proud history of working with charities, foundations and other not for profits, we are happy to continue to help philanthropic initiatives by providing defined discounts and other means of support. Ask us how!

If you happen to organize a trade show or major event, ask us how we can help make yours the best!

Licensed Products

Are you responsible for a line of products that requires uncompromising attention to detail and conformance to exacting specifications? We have a proud and established track record of producing items for some of the world's leading brands, spanning major sectors like athletics, financials, consumer goods, retail, restaurant/hospitality.

Our work does not stop at being solely the producer of licensed merchandise. If you seeking a reliable, proven licensee partner to produce, sell and distribute your products,ask us how we can help.

Corporate, Teams, Clubs, Leagues

Life is one big group project! We need others to surround us, support us and help us win. Whether you are a marketing/procurement manager for a team, league, association, union or club, or you simply want to look your best, we are here to help you make it happen!

We have assisted many local leagues with their on-field/on-ice uniforms and off-ice/off-field team wear. Let the world know that you support your team or league!

Our Offerings

T Shirts

The most basic of clothing items, yet the humble T shirt can have a profound, positive influence. We offer a broad range of T shirt styles and brands, from everyday value, to solid performers, to unique options including Made in Canada, organics and fair trade. Just ask!

Activewear, Outerwear, Polos

We are able to offer you a great selection of styles and brands to suit your demands.

Uniforms, Corporate Apparel

Uniforms can take many forms. Let us assist you in finding the right combination of versatility, value and comfort. Our customers need it; we deliver.

Bags, Totes

One of the most useful, proven promotional items is the reusable bag. Inexpensive, impactful, while also truly embodying the 'three Rs' (reduce, reuse, recycle), we are happy to provide you with great ways of marketing your brand, while sending a message of your commitment to sustainable activities.

Towels, Cloths, Polishing

We can provide many types, materials and styles of towels and cloths. Depending on your budget and desired impact, you can select something as simple as light rally towel or microfiber or even a plush, luxurious bath towel. We can help!

Other Items

Our suite of offerings continues to grow, as do our decorating methods.We have made a true commitment to ensuring we can continue meeting and exceeding your expectations.

We have both offshore and domestic production capabilities. Depending on lead time and production requirements, we will get it done for you!